what to put under mini fridge on carpet

7 Things To Put Under Mini Fridge on Carpet

Having a mini fridge in your dorm, den or man-cave is a convenient way to have cold beverages handy without leaving the comfort of the room. But, if your area has carpeting, you can’t put a mini fridge on it. There’s too much potential for a mold and mildew hazard along with creating a problem for the fridge.

We’ll discuss the top 7 things to put under mini fridge on carpet. Placing things like a plastic sheet, durable mat or installing a section of linoleum are some good possibilities, among several others. The idea is to ensure you protect the carpet from moisture while guaranteeing proper fridge operation.

To understand what will be best, you have to know something about refrigeration along with all the potential safety issues. Carpeting presents a challenge for several reasons and the thing you choose put under it will either make or break your setup.

A Mini Fridge Doesn’t Belong on Carpet

You absolutely must put some sort of barrier between your mini fridge and the carpeting. The number one concern here is how it can severely damage the carpeting due to moisture. This will drip onto the carpet and, over time, will build up funky stuff like mildew, mold and horribly offensive odors.

These things can instigate or trigger allergic reactions, complete with breathing problems and other types of lung issues. Such concerns apply to both people and pets. Plus, prolonged water seepage will cause carpeting to discolor even if it doesn’t get sopping wet.

Carpeting Can Damage the Mini Fridge

Also, consider the fact that carpeting underneath an appliance such as a mini fridge has the potential to damage it. This is because the fridge must remain well-ventilated so it stays cool. Blockages to any vents, the compressor or other delicate mechanisms will cause it to overheat.

Overheating can lead to severe leaks, a shorted system or cause the mini fridge to shutdown altogether. This means your beverages and other food will spoil on top of the major water mess you’ll have to deal with.

The Mini Fridge Can Tear Up the Carpet

Depending on the design of the mini fridge, it could tear up the carpeting altogether. In some cases, the door’s bottom can rub the carpeting. This not only wears down the fibers but it also keeps the refrigerator open. This can lead to a host of problems that will include leakage and prevent the fridge from staying cool.

Intense heat, persistent water, rubbing on the carpet and fans are a recipe for disaster on carpeting. It will be very difficult and expensive to replace, which can be a nightmare if you are leasing or renting the space.

How to Place; Store a Mini Fridge on Carpet

There are several other considerations before placing a mini fridge in a room with carpeting. The most important of these is that you will have to find a way to elevate the fridge. There are some decent mini fridge stands out there, which are very affordable.

Use a Stand for Elevation

Like on carpeting, the thing you use to elevate the fridge must give plenty of room around the appliance. You want to ensure nothing obstructs the operation of the fridge while giving it enough distance from the floor. Also, the materials that comprise the stand should be waterproof and/or water-resistant.

Therefore, don’t use anything made of metal or wood. It should also be something that’s mold and mildew resistant. Silicone, plastic, rubber, PVC or other such material is best. But, whatever you use, it must allow the door to open and close freely.

Design; Engineering of the Mini Fridge

The type of mini fridge you have will make all the difference in the world. You want to ensure it’s cooling unit, compressor and fans are at the top, back or sides of the appliance. If these things are at the bottom, you’re going to run into problems even with the best and most ideal items under it.

Other “Don’ts” in Putting a Mini Fridge on Carpet

There are other things you should avoid that you’ll want to think about too:

  • Don’t put a mini fridge on its side since this will guarantee leaks.
  • Don’t store it next to cupboards, electronics, walls, molding or anything else that will obstruct the appliance or that could sustain water damage.
  • Don’t put the mini fridge in the way of in direct sunlight.
  • Don’t plug a mini fridge into an overloaded circuit and don’t put it into an extension cord or outlet strip. Plug it directly into the power source, ensuring you won’t end up with a circuit breaker problem.
  • Don’t place a mini fridge where it will experience extreme temperature shifts, either hot or cold.

The Best 7 Things to Put Under a Mini Fridge

To understand what will be best to put under your mini fridge, you want to first measure its dimensions. They can come in a range of shapes and sizes, so you want to ensure the thing you put under it will be large enough.

Ideally, you want to use something that’s going to be waterproof and/or water-resistant against the carpeting while still offering plenty of breathing room for the fridge to operate. This means getting a mat, rug or other similar items that isn’t soft fabric. Just like the stand you get to elevate the fridge, the thing you place under it must be silicon, plastic, rubber or linoleum.

Don’t use something like plywood or cardboard. These will absorb water to a gross degree and will only help foster moisture issues within the carpeting. However, the following list contains 7 things that are best to put a fridge on for carpeting:

  1. Refrigerator Mat: There are mats specifically suited to a refrigerator. They come in varying sizes and they provide a wide girth around the circumference of the fridge. This is ideal because it will stop leaks and drips on the rug while preventing the moisture from touching the rug beneath.
  2. Kitchen Mat: Using a kitchen mat is a good idea under a fridge because manufacturers design these with moisture and spills in mind. There are some in a good range of sizes, but they are often for mini fridges that measure on the small side of things. Regardless, you could get it to match and coordinate with the room.
  3. Kitchen Flooring Installation: If you own the property, why not create the area to mimic a kitchen floor? You can cut out some of the carpet and install linoleum, tile or other such flooring. Then, place a rubber or silicon mold around the vicinity to lock away moisture. Renters should avoid this option.
  4. Flat PVC Mat: PVC is an excellent waterproof material and it makes for a perfect thing to put under a mini fridge on carpet. It’s smooth, sleek and protects carpeting from any mishaps while also being non-slip. So, it will keep the fridge in place while also providing safety in its operation.
  5. Skid-Resistant ; Waterproof Indoor Rug: There are a whole host of waterproof indoor rugs that are fashionable, practical and good for putting under a mini fridge. This is ideal for those who are design conscious and don’t want an eyesore sitting in their dorm, den or other room.
  6. Pet Mat with a Lip: If you are seriously concerned about moisture dripping from a flat mat onto the carpet, you might want to consider ensuring it has a lip. This way, the water will pool up to one side, which will allow you to clean up any spills or leaks with ease. Such a thing is good for uneven floors.
  7. Plastic Sheeting: This isn’t the best suggestion but it could help in a pinch. Using a plastic sheet under a mini fridge will do great in protecting the carpet. However, it will be slippery and may cause the fridge to slide. So, if you go with this option, you also should get a non-slip surface to hold the appliance in place.

Cleaning ; Maintenance of the Mini Fridge

Once you have provided a solid barrier between your mini fridge and the carpeting, there are other things with which to stay on task. First, you will have to be meticulous in checking leaks from the defroster. You want to ensure everything is working properly and clean up any moisture as soon as possible.

Also, pay attention to any changes in sounds that come from a mini fridge. If it is usually quiet and the compressor starts rattling one day, you have to shut the fridge off and inspect the problem. This may require taking it in for repairs.

There’s also the matter of making sure it stays clean and free of debris, hair, dust and other particles. These can gum up the compressor, cooling unit and any other fans on the appliance. Therefore, plan to clean and perform maintenance on your mini fridge at least once per week.