Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo: A Comprehensive Review

Robot vacuums have become incredibly popular, making great gifts and essential home gadgets. They range in price and features, from basic models to advanced versions that can empty their dust bins and clean their mopping pads. Many are equipped with voice command capabilities, obstacle navigation, and the ability to resume cleaning after recharging.

Roborock S7: A Standout Performer

The Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo is highly recommended for its impressive performance and user-friendly features, all at a reasonable price point. The S7 offers excellent value with its advanced cleaning capabilities and smart technology.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Dust Bin Capacity: 470 ml
  • Brush Type: Floating rubber brush
  • Cleaning Functions: Dry vacuuming and wet mopping
  • Navigation System: LiDAR
  • Voice-Enabled: Yes
  • Run Time: Up to 180 minutes
  • Wi-Fi Compatibility: 2.4 GHz
  • App Control: Yes

Performance Highlights

Great Cleaning Power The S7 excelled in both lab and consumer tests, moving seamlessly between different floor types and cleaning effectively under furniture. Its floating rubber brush minimizes pet hair tangles and adapts well to uneven surfaces. The wet mopping feature covers entire rooms efficiently, applying just the right amount of water and scrubbing away stubborn messes.

Ease of Use Setting up the S7 is straightforward, with an intuitive app that connects instantly. Users can control the robot manually or via the app, which offers access to premium features and settings. The washable filter is easy to remove and clean.

Versatile Cleaning Modes The S7 can vacuum and mop simultaneously or separately. Its sonic technology scrubs floors rather than just wiping them. The mop pads automatically lift when the robot detects carpet, preventing wet messes on rugs. After each use, the mop pads should be rinsed and dried to maintain the robot’s performance and hygiene.

Advanced Features The Roborock app allows for customized cleaning schedules, boundary settings, and route tracking. The S7 also features sonic floor scrubbing and automatic carpet detection. Users can set different cleaning intensities for specific rooms and areas needing extra attention.

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Cleaning Performance

Dry Cleaning The S7 performed exceptionally well in lab tests. It picked up 95.4% of debris on hardwood floors and 90.54% on carpets. The floating rubber brush effectively handled pet hair, though some hair tended to wrap around it.

Wet Mopping The S7’s sonic mopping system provides thorough cleaning by scrubbing floors at varying intensities. It lifts its mop pads to avoid carpets, making it a reliable hybrid cleaner. The water-only mopping system ensures floors are damp enough for cleaning without soaking them.

Setup, App, and Mapping

Setting up the S7 takes less than five minutes. The Roborock app supports up to four separate maps, allowing for customized cleaning settings for different areas. The app’s user-friendly interface lets users divide rooms, set no-go zones, and monitor the robot’s cleaning progress in real time.


The Roborock S7 is a top choice for a hybrid vacuum and mop robot. Its reliable performance, advanced features, and ease of use make it a valuable addition to any home. For those who prefer a vacuum-only model, the Roborock S4 Max is recommended. However, for multitasking capabilities, the S7 is unmatched in its price range and functionality.

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