Best Pool Brush for Pebble tec

6 Best Pool Brush for Pebble Tec Surfaces

The modern Pebble Tec surface for swimming pools provides many aesthetic options, and is becoming more and more popular for all the colors and designs it allows. But how does one properly clean a surface made up of thousands of tiny pebbles?

Out of curiosity, we looked into it, and present this list of the best pool brushes for Pebble Tec pools for this and following years.


  • Topping our list as the best tool to clean and maintain Pebble Tec pools is the Sepetrel Heavy Duty Brush, with bristles soft enough to not damage, yet plenty firm to clean difficult-to-get to algae and debris.
  • We really like the ProTuff Products Pool Brush Head, and this company’s lifetime warranty makes it an easy choice for swimming pool owners with Pebble Tec surfaces.
  • The Sepetrel Pool Brush Head is commendable for its extremely low weight, and the quality this brand delivers for a very affordable price.
  • We’re impressed with the bang for your buck with the POOLAZA Pool Brush , our on-a-budget recommendation. Add a company lifetime guarantee to this mix!
  • The Oreq Pro Animal Brush is our choice for the most durable pool brush for Pebble Tec surfaces, with the right weight to help press atop quality designed bristles.
  • Some pool owners always seem to have problems finding their detachable pool brush. For them we say check out the Blue Torrent Brush Around 360 and its 3-colored cylindrical shape. The bright green-white-blue color scheme will catch the eyes of whoever is around the pool.

Why a Pebble Tec-Specific Pool Brush?

First of all, Pebble Tec surfaces are unlike most other, in that they do not give off the silky-smooth appearance of the classic white plaster pool finish. Which is correct, since Pebble Tec surfaces are not equal and smooth.

They are made up of thousands of tiny pebbles and beach stones, which leave gaps where algae and other troubles can develop in a swimming pool.

Old-school pools can probably use any pool brush. Not so for the ones with Pebble Tec surfaces, which absolutely cannot withstand wire brushes, and even nylon bristles if too rigid can be problematic.

Use brushes with too-stiff bristles, and those tiny pebbles can be loosened or even dislodged, causing bigger damage to anything algae could have brought.

Pebble Tec applied high technology into the pool surface system, and it is not an inexpensive option. You do not want to find an accumulation of miniscule pebbles at the bottom of your swimming contraption; not a Pebble Tech bottom with holes in it.

Pebble Tec Brushes: In-Between Vinyl and Wire Bristles

What makes cleaning Pebble Tec surfaces a challenge is, the brush must be sensitive not to damage or knock free the pebbles; but also strong enough to adequately clean between them.

The order of bristle roughness is:

  • Wire (or stainless steel wire) is the roughest, but also the strongest, needed to rid very tough pool problems like the dreaded black algae.
  • Vinyl is the least sturdy and therefore least invasive for pool surfaces ~ though these flimsy bristles might not get the job done depending on the surface. Vinyl bristles are sometimes suggested for Pebble Tec pools, especially during the first year after installation.
  • Nylon bristles are most often recommended for Pebble Tec pools.

A lot of veteran pool maintenance professionals say it’s wise for newcomers to go with the least invasive (vinyl). If that keeps the pool sides and bottom clean, there’s your brush.

If you ever find vinyl bristles no longer cut it, graduate to nylon. There are also brushes with a combination of vinyl and nylon bristles. Talk about tweeners!

Other Pool Brush Features Good for Pebble Tec

Perusing through pool brush options, one might get overwhelmed because most at first glance look alike: this T-shaped contraption with hairs coming off the head. But look closely.

For any pool you want ease of use, and that means fewer strokes, which means you want a wide head to cover more of the surface with each push and pull. Heads should be 17 inches wide or even wider. (There’s a 22-inch head among our list).

Also, think of the eyes of a hammerhead shark: how do the ends look? Old-school pool brushes will be straight and just end when the head ends. That’s no longer typical with modern pool brushes.

They will be curved up, or somehow rounded or shaped to use as tools almost separately to get to tough-to-reach corners, or deep inside the tiling at top. Some are even rounded 360 degrees, for use in any direction.

Algae especially likes to build in corners, and when it does it’s very visible. Those fancy ends of pool brushes are not just for looks. They work!

Our Choices: Best Pool Brush for Pebble Tec Swimming Pools

1. Pool Brush for Pebble Tec Overall ~ Sepetrel Heavy Duty Brush


After considering all the features along with user reviews and the price, we suggest the Sepetrel Heavy Duty Brush as our top choice for maintaining Pebble Tec swimming pool surfaces. The bristles are soft enough, yet designed and manufactured well to provide peace of mind that they will work and last.

Right away what potential customers might notice is the pom-poms at either end. Just kidding, these are bristles shaped like half-globes and placed there for use running hard into corners and along edges. It’s a killer feature to have, and with these bristles, a great advantage.

It’s also a trusted manufacturer in the pool maintenance equipment realm, also important as pool brushes take a beating with all the pool chemicals plus sun rays beating down on it all the time. You seriously want a brand with a track record for this pool maintenance tool.


  • Bristles: Vinyl
  • Size: 17.5 x 4.3 x 3.7 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 1.34 lbs.
  • Unique Feature(s): Hand-protection clip to prevent finger pinching; reinforced aluminum handle is angled at 45 degrees

What We Like

  • Impressively positive user reviews
  • Built to last
  • Hemisphere-shaped bristles on each end help with coverage of corner and edges

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2. Pool Brush for Pebble Tec Runner-Up I ~ ProTuff Products Pool Brush Head


It was a tough call keeping this model from the top of our list, so we still give a hearty tip of the cap to the ProTuff Products Pool Brush Head. Seems the name fits! The company’s lifetime warranty alone makes this model stand apart from the crowd ~ and speaks volumes about the company’s confidence in what it sells.

The super-wide strip of stiff-but-safe bristles provides plenty of cleaning power and reach; and the fiberglass handle keeps the weight low and limits stress on the shoulders (which any pool cleaner can attest to). A cool part of this model is the big rounded removable ends for cleaning corners and tough-to-reach spots.

Unlimited replacement of parts if they fail provides significant peace of mind to pool owners who have experience with the breaking plastics of other models. Topping it all off are the booklets that come with it: on pool maintenance, and outlining 45 pool games!


  • Bristles: Vinyl, and a lot of them
  • Size: 17.5 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs.
  • Materials: Fiberglass handle, vinyl
  • Unique Feature(s): Rounded removable ends

What We Like

  • Very light weight yet constructed well to last
  • Big round ends for tough-spot attacking
  • Lifetime warranty

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3. Pool Brush for Pebble Tec Runner-Up II ~ Sepetrel Pool Brush Head


Not to overload our list with models from the same brand, but the Sepetrel Pool Brush Head is very notable for its extremely low weight, and the very affordable price. Add brand trust to the equation and this most definitely belongs near the top of any list of top pool brush models.

This pool brush is plenty sturdy, is well-designed to handle stairs and other pool bottom irregularities, and the handle is angled at 45 degrees to make it very easy to use. It’s plenty wide, with high-quality vinyl bristles to get in there and do the dirty work.


  • Bristles: Vinyl
  • Size: 17.3 x 5.5 x 2.4 inches
  • Weight: 12.5 oz.
  • Materials: Aluminum and vinyl
  • Unique Feature(s): Extra wide reach

What We Like

  • Affordability
  • Very light in weight
  • Angled head

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4. Pool Brush for Pebble Tec on a Budget ~ POOLAZA


We are quite impressed that this brand keeps its POOLAZA Pool Brush at such a nice price, considering the quality materials, craftsmanship, and features. That the company adds a lifetime guarantee just adds to the total package.

What stands out here is the light weight, along with the high-density nylon used for the brush bristles. These are a step up from the average vinyl bristles that are out there, and with it, POOLAZA has found a winning recipe for Pebble Tec surfaces.


  • Bristles: Vinyl
  • Size: 17.5 x 5.5 x 2.4 inches
  • Weight: 13.7 oz.
  • Materials: ABS plastic, aluminum, and plastic
  • Unique Feature(s):  EZ Clip fastener

What We Like

  • Higher-quality vinyl in bristles
  • Affordability
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee

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5. Pool Brush for Pebble Tec for Durability ~ Oreq Pro Animal Brush


The Oreq Pro Animal Brush gets our nod for its superb sturdiness ~ something any long-time owner of a swimming pool will tell you is a big deal. The individual bristles are hydrodynamically designed, and its weight helps reduce the number of strokes to rid algae or stains.

Buyer comments indicate great satisfaction with how the bristles last connected to the head; that the side bristles reach deeper than usual models; and the bristle stiffness is just right, especially for Pebble Tec pools.


  • Bristles: Vinyl
  • Size: 19 x 8 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 1.69 Pounds
  • Materials: Vinyl, aluminum
  • Unique Feature(s): Hydrodynamical design

What We Like

  • Sturdy feel in the hands
  • Neat bristle design

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6. Best Cool-Looking Pool Brush for Pebble Tec ~ Blue Torrent Brush Around 360


Some pool owners always seem to have problems finding their detachable pool brush. For them we say check out the Blue Torrent Brush Around 360 and its 3-colored cylindrical shape. The bright green-white-blue color scheme will catch the eyes of whoever is around the pool.

But what’s most notable here is the cylindrical shape, allowing for use like an old pipe cleaner, where any edge can be used. The head is super wide, too ~ longer than most pool brushes on this list ~ which a lot of users appreciate.


  • Bristles: Vinyl and brightly colored
  • Size: 24 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 1.35 lbs.
  • Materials: Wood, polypropylene
  • Unique Feature(s): Cylinder bristle cone shape

What We Like

  • Bright colors!
  • Plenty of above-average design elements here

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Tips for Using Pool Brushes

Remember that pool brushes are tools, and not a toy or something to play with while around the water. They are there because they should be used all the time, to combat the algae that’s just waiting to grow if left alone too long.

Aside from having a good pool brush head, careful pool owners also will look for the lightest yet still durable standard pole in which to attach the brushes.

Getting tired or even sore during long pool-brushing sessions is real. It’s an awkward angle for the human shoulder, pressing downward or at 45-degree angles back and forth. Think of any other human movement that’s like it!

Also, placing the brush onto the pole can be greatly important. Most pool owners leave these brushes out in the open, which means harmful sun rays beat on it and weaken structures.

Namely we point out the connection point, and the plastic buttons there to connect head to pole. On most models, break these and you have to get a new one.

Some top models on our list have special types of connection points just to address this, and we highly recommend considering it closely.

About Pebble Tec Pool Surfaces

Pebble Tec is a primary product for Pebble Technology International, a company that’s been in existence for about a quarter-century. The product is an aggregate finish for swimming pool surfaces, using cement, sand, and tiny beach stones and pebbles to deliver a finish looking more natural than the typical white smooth pool linings.